Data protection for Android, IOS in eight software products

100% confidentiality

100% protection
of any information

Works with
any type of files

International encryption

How it works?

A set of mobile apps that provides
your data security

Data protection tools

A set of Android iOS apps that ensures versatile protection and encryption of any information on a mobile device.

Maximal speed!

The best ratio of system performance and data encryption for any mobile platform.

Mobile privacy

Maximal protection of your information from unauthorized access up to the emergency data destruction.

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SJ IM - XMPP (Jabber) Client

Multiplatform client with built-in correspondence encryption systems PGP OTR. It allows you to encrypt P2P messages


Email Secure - Email Encryption

A full-fledged email client for Android, iOS mobile platforms, with automatic PGP encryption system of electronic


Crypto Tools - Encryption сomplex

The application includes a full range of information encryption. With the help of PGP asymmetric encryption system, you


PGPTools - Text Encryption

Text encoder which is able to send encrypted messages in any way including SMS. Includes full


PGP Files - Files Encryption

A simple solution of an important problem. How to safely transfer files to another user? Using PGPFiles you have


Data Wipe - Data Destroyer

Be very careful with this free application! DataWipe is developed for an emergency data destruction on your


One Time Secret - encrypted notes

One-time encrypted messages, deleted immediately after reading the note content. A simple way


Diceware - Password Generator

Background application for easy passwords generation for iOS and Android. Using this design password "trita


Safex - notes and photos for iOS

Additional security system for your notes and photos in iPhone. Safex protects notes with individual password

How it works?

Security of our applications

You must contribute in security, so you don’t have to pay for its absence. © Winston Churchill

Encryption methods

Asymmetric encryption that is used in all of our software, guarantees maximum level of information security


PGP is the most reliable encryption system


It is impossible to decrypt the information without a private key


Open protocols guarantee your anonymity

Open protocols

All of our software is based on the open protocols that can be downloaded by any person

XMPP/Jabber is a messaging protocol.
PGP is a system for any information encryption
E-mail is a method for encrypted messages transmission

Our customers feedback

More than 10 000 downloads of our Android apps. More than 100 000 downloads of our apps for iOS and Mac OS Devices. Here's what our customers say about our products:

Руслан Коноваленко
google play

Отлично! Ключи принимает и gpg4usb и интегрируются в криптоплагин для MailDroid, что позволяет подписывать и шифровать почту прямо на смарте, а так же расшифровывать нажатием одной кнопки без копирования. Для тех кто не знает сгенерированные ключи для использования в других программах нужно скопировать и сохранять sekret-key в текстовый фаил с расширением ваш-ключ.asc Для того что бы Вам могли писать Вы должны сохранить и передать public-key в формате ваш-ключ.asc Сделайте SJ im за 1$, люди покупать будут…

Александр Выгулярный
google play

Довольно хорошее приложение. Да и цена не большая. Удобно пользоваться. Респект создателю...

Anton Menkov
google play

Отлично Самый большой плюс, что приложение не требует никаких специальных разрешений вроде доступа в интернет. Не страшно доверить свои ключи


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