Crypto Tools - encryption and decryption of text and files in one application for Android and iOS

Crypto Tools is a unique development for iOS, Android, which allows to secure your sent to other users data by means of the PGP encryption system. This application works with all available data types, whether it's text or files. It also has iCloud, DropBox and OneDrive cloud services support.

Advantages of Crypto Tools

Works with any available on your mobile device files.

Supports cloud services iCloud, DropBox, Onedrive.

Encrypts and decrypts, using the most reliable PGP asymmetric encryption system.

Able to work with international PGP keys servers HKP and LDAP.

Usage of any means to send encrypted data.

No need for any additional knowledge to encrypt your data.

Installation and configuration of Crypto Tools

The application doesn’t require any additional customization after the purchase except for generation or import of your PGP key pair. If you previously used a key pair, then when you open the application, click “Import” and paste your private key into the form. After generation or key import, the application is ready to use and you can start to encrypt and decrypt any data.

Encryption standards used in Crypto Tools

Crypto Tools application is a fast and effective solution for protecting information on your mobile device, iphone or Android. Transmitted information of any format can be decoded only by a person to whom it is intended.

Experts in cryptography agreed that the PGP encryption standard is a reliable data protection tool that is implemented using a key exchange between users. Public key is used for files encryption and the secret key is for data decryption. First, the application compresses the encrypted information to more compact data representation and prevents unnecessary (excessive) workload on the data network. It also increases the complexity of cryptanalysis. After information compression, it is encrypted using the public key of the correspondent to whom this or that information is intended...

Special advantage of Pretty Good Privacy usage is a wide spread of this encryption system on a global scale. A great number of public server-client solutions were implemented to this encryption system, which increased its popularity.

Download and install Crypto Tools!