Data Wipe Screen Locker - is a screen locker for Android devices with a built-in data destruction function in an emergency situation

Data Wipe Screen Locker is a specialized Android application, that helps the user to additionally block his selected applications. In case of an emergency, it completely destroys all device data or previously configured files and applications.

Advantages of Data Wipe Screen Locker

Built- in data destruction function of all information or specific applications (files) in an emergency situation, with a graphic or digital code usage.

Additional blocking of selected applications installed on your mobile phone.

Ability to choose a graphic or digital screen lock.

Installed to any Android device and doesn’t increase the power consumption of the phone.

The application is configured once and doesn’t require any additional knowledge for emergency data destruction.

Data Wipe Screen Locker - is a completely free application that does not contain any ads.

Data Wipe - installation and configuration

Once you download the application to your Android device, start the Data Wipe setup.
At the first launch, the application will ask you to enter a graphic and digital password. We draw your attention, you MUST remember the passwords perfectly, in order to avoid accidental data destruction on your phone. Data Wipe Screen Locker - is a warning.

About Data Wipe Screen Locker

To provide an additional protection, our application will help you to block such applications as: VK, Facebook, WhatsApp, SJ IM, Email, Telegram, etc. Also, there is a personal data blocking function.

The invisible mode will hide an additional password graphic drawing input from the prying eyes, both graphical and numerical.

To test the efficiency of the application, we recommend you to make a backup copy of all device data, and then destroy all of it or only a specific part of the content.

Carefully read the following paragraph. We, as a developers team, do not take any responsibility for the safety of your data when using our software product. In case of data destruction, the user is responsible for this himself and there should be no claims to us!!

Data Wipe Screen Locker - is available only for Android devices!