Diceware is an application for iOS and Android for generation easy-to- remember passwords

Diceware is a software product for iOS and Android that automates one of the best and oldest methods of easy-to- remember passwords generation in the world. Every user of both mobile and fixed platforms uses up to 8 passwords, that he needs to remember. The method of passwords generation, will help you to generate an easy-to- remember password in a few clicks.

Benefits of Diceware

Multiplatform application for iOS and Android.

Allows to generate any number of passwords with the ability to save them.

Supports all available languages ​​for the DiceWare password generation technique.

Adding notes function is available for each saved list of words. It allows the user to divide the passwords by resources.

The list of generated passwords is always at the user's fingertips, which allows you to recollect the password at any time.

DiceWare is a free application.

Diceware installation and configuration

The standard installation of the DiceWare application to a mobile device will not provide any problems. After the installation, generate your first password. The application is very easy to operate and you immediately understand how to use it. If you are comfortable with the generated password words combination, you can save it into the passwords list. You will be pleased by DiceWare application usage.

About the Diceware

Diceware is an easy-to- remember passwords generation method, that is based on various words. The password generation method is based on assigning a specific word to a different digital value. Historically, this passwords generation method was based on dice (gaming cubes). The peculiarity of this password generation method is a simplicity of passwords memorization.

The application can store your generated and approved passwords. You always have your own list of passwords at hand. The password generator DiceWare allows you to edit any generated and saved password at any time for better memorization.

The application supports many generation languages: Chinese, English, Finnish, German, Russian, etc.

Download and install Diceware!