Email Secure is a full-fledged email client for a complete personal and business correspondence protection with PGP system.

Email Secure postal client is a specially developed software for emails encryption and decryption by PGP encryption system without binding to a certain postal service. This allows users to add their already existing email addresses (gmail, yandex.ru, mail.ru, etc.) to the program and encrypt correspondence only with the chosen users. The client is available for Android and iOS.

Advantages of Email Secure

Works automatically with such email services as: Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, ICloud, Yandex mail, Mail.ru.

Complete, client built-in, PGP support with an ability of manual import and PGP keys generation.

Ability to encrypt and decrypt an entire email including attachments.

Cooperation with international public servers of PGP keys HKP, LDAP.

Installation of an additional password for an emergency database destruction on the phone (fake password).

Usage of separate key pair for each email account and many more!

Application of Email Secure

Email Secure is the most flexible and easy solution for Android and iOS, compared to other analogs on the market. This application allows you to encrypt emails, hide personal or corporate correspondence from the outside interference. You don’t need any special skills to encrypt your email. PGP system and Email Secure client are enough to fully encrypt and decrypt your mail.

Email encryption in Email Secure

Email Secure is designed as a specialized application for mobile platforms, which provides users information security within an email correspondence.

Basic principle of this application is to provide a personal and corporate electronic correspondence encryption and decryption. Using this application you will get the ability to encrypt and decrypt both email text content and attached files.

Email Secure uses the most common PGP email encryption system, which is the most safe tool for any data encryption and simple in use for any ordinary user. During a development process, we tried to use all our experience to create the best product for Android and iOS mail correspondence encryption at the market.

The implementation of PGP key servers gives an opportunity to use the worldwide public key databases which highly simplifies the application operation.

We are constantly developing this product and will be happy to receive any feedback!

Email Secure - email encryption application, that works without binding to a specific server!