One Time Secret is a mobile application for transferring an one-time text information in encrypted form

Multiplatform software One Time Secret is designed to send one-time messages through a server with an absolute degree of protection against hacking. The application encrypts the text and transmits it in this form along with a unique link. The recipient must activate the link that decrypts the message in order to read it. After one-time perusal, the note is destroyed. For maximum security, you can also use the password to open the message.

One Time Secret Advantages

One Time Secret can be used both from the mobile application or a ots.sj.ms server.

The 7-days storage time limit.

The software is intuitive and easy to manage.

Built- in password support provides additional verification of the recipient encrypted note.

Application usage doesn’t lead to a rapid battery discharge.

The app is free and available for Android and iOS devices.

Installation and Configuration of One Time Secret

In order to install the application to your mobile device, you must follow the standard steps. Go to the online store, click to install the application, agree with the requirements and that’s it. The application is ready to go. The application adjustment is not required. Every step is intuitive and simple. In order to start using the online encryptor, just go to the program page through your browser and perform the required actions.

About the AES encryption

The possibility of additional data encryption doubles the efficiency of the application, ensuring your message from perusal by intruders or competitors.

Unlike the PGP encryption, the block encryption symmetric algorithm AES uses one key for both encryption and decryption of the message. This algorithm demonstrates excellent resistance to attempts to encrypt the message by unauthorized methods. It combines high reliability and performance.

All data stored on the server has a limited storage time and is additionally encrypted.

One Time Secret - application and service of quick, secure notes!