PGPFiles - reliable multi-platform encryption of any format files

Multiplatform application PGP Files is specially designed to encrypt and decrypt files on mobile devices and stationary computers using the PGP encryption system. Using our software, you can be sure about secure encryption of any type of files just in few clicks. This process occurs without binding to the imposed schemes of an encrypted information transfer.

The advantages of the PGPFiles application

Universal files encryption and decryption software, available for any platform, both mobile and stationary.

It doesn’t require any additionally installed software.

Encrypts and decrypts any types of files. It’s ideal for both personal and business use.

Supports work with both public PGP key servers and servers with limited LDAP access.

PGPFiles has no binding to any certain software product. You can choose your own most convenient transmission method.

Support of the popular cloud services iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive.

PGPFiles installation and configuration

PGPFiles installation doesn’t differ from the standard installation of other applications on both mobile devices and Windows. It has a 30-day trial period of use allowing you to get acquainted and used to operating our software product. Using the Import keys function, you can import your own pair of PGP keys.

PGPFiles usage

Encrypting the files before sending to the end user will secure them from the third parties access.

You can apply PGPfiles to any type of file, whether it’s a personal photo or your accountancy. It should be noted, that a lot of international corporations use encryption technologies for both files and text messages, so why don’t we make this function available to everyone?

Approach to the international PGP keys servers will give you access to a huge number of public keys, that expands the application of our software for any of your purposes.

Our team worked hard to develop this product and is ready to provide any information you are interested in.

Encrypt and decrypt files only in one click using PGPFiles!