PGPTools is an effective application for text messages encryption for iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows Phone.

This multi-platform software product provides text information encryption on all available platforms. The main task of PGPTools is to encrypt and decrypt textual information with the further ability to send or receive it in any convenient way: email, SMS, Skype, Jabber, ICQ. Support of work with PGP servers has been implemented for the convenient work with PGP keys.

Advantages of PGPTools

Full PGP support - allows you to generate and import any PGP keys.

Encryption and decryption of textual information is carried out with one click.

Supports an import and export of public keys, both by yours and correspondents’, from the world server storage of PGP keys.

PGPTools is designed as a multi-platform software for iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows Phone, which greatly expands the correspondents’ database.

Ability to copy an encrypted message in a single click and send it in any convenient for you way.

It has no restrictions on the number of used public and private key pairs.

PGPTools - Installation and configuration

The application is designed considering a zero user knowledge of encryption and decryption. After installing the software, you either need to generate a new PGP keys pair or import existing keys into the program. Encryption and decryption comes up in the main application window. Depending on the OS, the window looks approximately the same.

How PGPTools works

Application is designed to encrypt text messages without binding to the sending data method. This software was built thanks to this task. An obligatory condition for the PGPTools operation is a presence of PGP keys pair, that provides encryption and decryption of textual information.

The principle of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is the exchange of users keys to encrypt data. Using your own private PGP key, you decrypt the received message that is encrypted by your public key. Pay attention and never send your private PGP key to anyone, as it decrypts all the information it could.

The application supports all types of keys import, that are available for the PGP encryption system. Using the KeyList tab, user can manually import keys using standard copy paste for this operation. In this case, the public keys transferring method can be completely different, be it an e-mail, jabber, Skype or others. The only thing to pay attention to, is the incorrect PGP key format, that can be found among the Viber users.

The PGP Tools application solves the problem of an insecure text simple and fast.