Safex is an application for data organization and protection in iOS mobile devices

The Safex application can be called a unique application, that restores an order in your life. Safex allows you to distinguish work and personal moments. It carefully organizes information in your iPhone device. Structured and systematized information is stored safely and reliably with the help of Safex application.

Advantages of the Safex

Protection of personnel files and notes with an individual password.

Storage of personal information separately from the overall database on your iPhone.

Storage of a separate contacts list from the main iPhone base.

Application can encrypt all the information.

The application is easy to use.

The lowest price among similar applications on the Apple Store!

Safex installation and configuration

During the first launch you immediately need to create and most importantly remember, the digital password for accessing the database. It is recommended that you create a Safex access password, that differs from your primary password. The application is intuitively easy both in configuration and in use, thanks to its simple interface. If there are any problems, our support team is always happy to help you.

Safex Functionality

Safex can only be launched after entering a password. Contacts, files, electronic correspondence and photos, if necessary, are thoroughly encrypted to put them in the repository. It is impossible to enter a created repository by some unauthorized user.

The application is very easy to manage. It is suitable even for a novice user of mobile devices. All content is divided into categories for more secure storage of personal information. It also synchronizes with iCloud if needed.

Safex is an application, that will protect you from an unauthorized curiosity and information leakage.